Unveiling the Social Media Landscape of 2022: Insights and Strategies for Thriving in 2023


The pandemic upheaval caught everyone off guard, including major companies and renowned brands. As we gradually emerged from lockdowns and the COVID-19 frenzy subdued, the world found its "new normal," with social media networks assuming a more prominent role than ever before. During the pandemic, people worldwide flocked to the online realm to connect, combat loneliness, and engage, resulting in a significant surge in social media usage. Today, the average person spends a record-breaking 147 minutes per day on social media networks, showcasing their integral place in our daily routines.

Alongside the increased time spent on social media, gaming, particularly mobile games, witnessed a tremendous surge in popularity as a source of entertainment and diversion. In 2022, mobile games reached unprecedented levels of success, generating an estimated $103.5 billion in-app revenues.

This landscape compels brands, especially gaming studios, to harness the power of social media to not only retain their user base but also expand and fortify it. Enter the social media and community managers, whose job is undeniably awesome yet far from easy.

At Dynamo, we understand the challenges you face in managing these complex dynamics, that's why we took it upon ourselves to make your lives a tad easier by compiling key social behaviors, posting strategies, and cutting-edge technologies that defined 2022. 

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