Social Media Trends – Review of 2022 and how to use in 2023


The realities of the pandemic took everyone, including the world’s largest companies and well-known brands, for a spin. In 2022, as lockdown restrictions were eased and COVID-19 slowly drifted from the headlines, the world finally discovered its ‘new normal’, which included a much more prominent role for social media networks in our lives. During the pandemic, people everywhere were forced online to connect, interact and combat lockdown loneliness, which translated into a significant upspike for time spent on social media. As of this year, the average daily time spent on social media networks is at its highest in recorded history - 147 minutes per person - which goes to show that these platforms have become an integral part of our routines.

Similar to the increased time spent on social media networks, games, and mobile games in particular, gained immense popularity as outlets for entertainment and enjoyment. In 2022, mobile games continue to be an outlet that people look to, with the sector seeing its highest grossing year yet - estimated at $103.5 billion in app revenues this year alone.

The result of this state of affairs is that brands, and gaming studios in particular, are looking to social media to not only maintain, but to grow and strengthen their user base. In step social media and community managers who have an awesome job, but it’s by no means an easy one.

With so many factors to juggle and balance, we, at Dynamo10x, have taken the liberty of making your lives just a little bit easier by summarizing some of the top social behaviors, posting habits and technologies for 2022. We're all about doing the ‘dirty’ work for you!

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